Published December 2021
I was commissioned by Vivobarefoot for the second year running to design their Integrated Report, where they share their journey to becoming a regenerative business. A lot of businesses use annual reporting as a chance to cherrypick stories that celebrate the good and distract from the bad. Vivo bares all. The report outlines the hard lesson's they've learned, some uncomfortable truths and epic fails. At 99 pages, it's certainly not a quick read, but is designed to be a resource for other businesses to learn and be inspired to create a positive impact.
Vivobarefoot's mission is to reconnect people to the natural world. The footwear allows you to feel more of the ground beneath you, strengthening our foot’s natural strength and movement, and bringing us literally closer to nature. The more time we spend time in nature, and the more we feel connected to it, the more we're likely to take care of it. I commissioned illustrator Janusz Jurek to create the cover illustration, representing our interconnectedness with nature and the steps we’re taking to repair and restore nature. The nervous system pulses up through the foot, full of feeling and sensory feedback. Feel enable us to feel closer to nature, closer to our own potential, closer to each other. We need to reconnect to restore. 

"There are no words to describe how highly I recommend Heather. From the very start she blew us away with her creative thinking skills and backed it up immediately with producing incredible results in totally unfair timeframes. The thing I loved most about working with Heather was how much initiative she took, with a 100% success rate - always giving different options and being quick to make any changes that the team at Vivo asked for. At the same time she added so much value in consultation to ensure we produced our 80+ page company annual report to the highest level. Can’t recommend her and her work any higher"
Emma Foster-Geering
Regeneration Director, Vivobarefoot
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