At work I do much 3d design which is very difficult but interesting, consuming at the same time. I used to spend my whole free time learning new techniques, to make things look more and more real. When I got my aim, it came to me that I could do something completely opposite, I could use my 3d skills for simple, pure art purposes. I came back to drawing, but I had that crazy idea on my mind to find the way of connecting drawing and sculpting. When you draw the only thing you need is a sheet of paper and good pencil. But what if paper was not enough…. What if the pencil left traces in the air. And that is how it started. When the technique is sophisticated, the subject has to be simple. Human body has always been the most popular subject in drawing. Generative art is about motion and human body is about motion even motionless it has complicated nervous system and the blood vessels, which work all the time like wires. The way it works is the greatest wonders of nature.
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